Presentation of Las Galeras

Located at the far north east of the Peninsula of Samana, Las Galeras is a small fishermen's village still protected from mass tourism, and from the hotels which deform the nature beauty of this area.

The road which goes from Samana to Las Galeras ends at the big beach, and offers a magnificent panoramic view of Rincon’s Bay.

There are two possibilities as to the origin of the name: either from the galleras, arenas (bullrings) welcoming cock fights, or from galleys which attacked here a long time ago.
To reach it, take the guagua (local taxi) from the market of Samana. Or for the more adventurous, hop on a "concho" or taxi motorcycle traveling with your hair in the wind!!

Meandering through the streets, you will meet smiling and joyful Dominicans, passionate domino players, stores of colorful paintings and vendors of Larimar, a pale turquoise blue semi-precious stone, which is found only in the Dominican Republic.
You can be massaged or manicured or even have beautiful motifs braided into your hair. It is impossible not to hear the music- merengue-bachata and reaggaton, which resounds joyfully all around you!

Numerous strolls, hikes, horseback riding excursions, quad rides and boat trips are possible: you will discover numerous amazing vantage points from which to admire the turquoise blue sea, the bay of Samana, and all the stunning nature.

By boat, you will have access to the magnificent tropical beaches: Playa Rincon, Playa Fronton, Playa Madama and Playa Colorada. You will also find scuba diving centers allowing you to discover the magnificent sea bed, the corals and the tropical fishes. There is also the opportunity to go big-game fishing.

During whale watching season the beach excursions will also allow you to observe whales. We do advise however that you search out boat captains who have been trained in a respectful approach of cetaceans. Indeed, the risk of desertion of the magnificent humpback whales from these areas is very real with certain behavior looking more like whaling than whale-watching.
For rock-climbing enthusiasts, Playa Fronton is a wonderful area still protected and a perfect spot for you to further your passion. There are a variety of climbs on the cliffs lining the beach.

Do not hesitate to use a guide to hike there, or to reserve a boat to reach it. It is about the best climbing area in the North of the Dominican Republic.
On the road to Playa Rincon, you can discover the "ginger road" Ruta del Jengibre. An agricultural cooperative was created to harmoniously and ecologically support this local resource. Numerous jobs were born around the culture of the biological ginger. All the ginger harvest is bought by buyers in Europe. (See Proyecto Guariquen). Peninsula de Samana 100% ecologica.
In sleepy Galeras, you can easily find accommodation. There are numerous small hotels, apartments or guest houses hidden within this green setting. And for the big families or the groups of friends, you can rent magnificent villas.

To sustain you, you will have the choice between reasonably priced Dominican cuisine in comedores or Italian and French cuisine in the restaurants. You can also buy delicious tropical fruits such as guayavana, mangoes, papaya, pineapple, passion fruits (chinola), star fruit, guava, etc. …
Cock Fighting: Here, you will often come across men or boys proudly carrying and showing off their cocks, which to them can be very precious property. Cockfights are a passion on this island.

These animals are spoiled, well looked after and carry all the hopes for their owners: the stakes are high and the fights can pay well for the owner of the winning cock. You can attend fights in 2 galleras in the village. Those sensitive souls should refrain from viewing this sport…
For your evening entertainment, you will find a couple of discotheques on the main street. These are covered but outdoor. There's nothing like going out and enjoying a cuba libre (Rum coca), or a cerveza (beer), and to let the Dominicans introduce you to the dance steps of the bachata and the merengue.