Rincon Beach Tour

Playa Rincon is an incredible unspoilt beach of 5 km is lined all the way by coconut palms. It boasts the title "one of the most beautiful beaches of the world" and indeed, until now, it has remained protected from any hotel construction. This is a really magnificent excursion!

You will leave the ranch, cross the village of Las Galeras and pass by the very beautiful beach Playa Colorada, which owes its name to its pinkish sand. You will travel through hills of coconut palms and native trees.

Before arriving at Playa Rincon, you will discover Playa Breman, a typical example of a naturel Caribbean beach, and the wildest of all the beaches of Las Galeras. It is for these reasons that it welcomed one of the teams of Survivors Colombia. Then, the 5 km stretch of Rincon Beach will allow you to gallop if you wish all the way to the Rio Frio: This fresh and crystal clear river flows into the sea at the end of Playa Rincon.

You can bathe while admiring the mangrove swamp surrounding you. You will be able to taste the wonderful local grilled cuisine before returning to the Ranch in Las Galeras. The layout of this excursion is just our suggestion and can be adapted to your wishes with perhaps a boat ride to bring you home. This trip does not take place if it is raining.